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   The club did what it should and can do, but the fans seem not satisfied. On October 19th, Luneng fans reported to Tongji University that Shen Yinhao's paper was suspected of plagiarism, and received a reply from Tongji University.

俱乐部做了应该做的事,但是球迷们似乎并不满意。 10月19日,鲁能球迷向同济大学举报,申银浩的论文涉嫌窃,并得到同济大学的答复。

   Luneng fans not only reported the falsification of Shen Yinhao's thesis, but even found out Shen Yinhao's master's thesis, and reported the falsification of his master's thesis together. If the latter is also true, this will be a worse incident than the former. The latest news shows that Tongji University, Shen Yinhao's work unit, has notified the parties to accept the report through SMS, but Shen Yinhao's master's degree-granting unit, Shanghai Sports Institute, has not yet publicly reported any feedback.


   All this originated from the first round of the first round of the second stage of the Chinese Super League on October 17 when Shandong Luneng drew 2-2 with Beijing Guoan. In the first half, Luneng led 2 to 0, and Guoan won a penalty just 1 minute into the second half. Shen Yinhao insisted on awarding a penalty without watching the video playback.


   After that, when Guoan scored the second goal, Luneng players signaled Bakambu to foul others, but Shen Yinhao insisted that Guoan’s goal was effective. Two lost goals that caused Luneng to lose a good game, plus Shen Yinhao's multiple penalties in favor of Guoan, made Luneng fans' anger towards Shen Yinhao finally detonated.


At 21:38 at the end of the game, Weibo netizen "Sleeping Lotus in Dreams" wrote an article that Shen Yinhao's journal papers were plagiarized: Shen Yinhao's article "Research on the Causes and Countermeasures of the Formation of Psychological Pressure of College Student Football Referees" published in Sports Fashion in 2017 , Completely copied Lu Yunfei's 2012 "University Football Referee's Psychological Causes and Countermeasures of Stage Fright", which was published 5 years earlier than Shen Yinhao's paper.

比赛结束时21:38,微博网友“梦中睡莲”写了一篇文章,Shen窃了沈银浩的期刊论文:沉银昊的文章“大学生足球心理压力形成的原因及对策研究”。 《裁判》于2017年在《时尚运动》上发表,完全抄袭了陆云飞2012年的《大学足球裁判怯场的心理成因及对策》,比沈银浩的论文出版早了5年。

   The netizen released screenshots of the relevant content of the two papers. From the content point of view, the repetition rate between the two is very high. One stone caused a thousand waves of waves, and the "Shen Yinhao Paper Incident" began to spread widely, and gradually attracted more media attention and follow-up.


On the morning of the 19th, the content of reporting the plagiarism of Shen Yinhao's master's thesis also began to circulate: Shen Yinhao passed his master's thesis in 2012, "Research on the Status Quo and Development Countermeasures of Shanghai Municipal Sports Traditional Project Schools—Taking Yangpu, Xuhui and Zhabei District General High Schools as Cases, suspected of plagiarizing Xuan Haide's "Survey on the Status Quo of Provincial Sports Traditional Sports Schools in Anhui Province and Research on Development Countermeasures", published in 2007, five years before Shen Yinhao's paper.


   In the attached picture, the same parts of Shen Yinhao's master's thesis and Xuan Haide are highlighted in light yellow and yellow respectively. The final picture shows a duplication rate of 79.6% (PaperYY professional report).


On the 20th, a Weibo netizen "Why do others understand Sanfeng" posted a picture showing that the principal of Tongji University’s mailbox has replied to the "Acceptance Notice", stating that the school has decided to accept it and will reply within the legal deadline. During this period, please wait patiently. Tongji University is Shen Yinhao's work unit, and Shen Yinhao is currently the deputy dean of the Football Academy of Tongji University.

20日,微博网友“为什么别人理解三丰”贴上一张图片,显示同济大学邮箱的负责人已对“录取通知书”进行了回复,表示学校已决定接受并会在法定期限内答复。 。在此期间,请耐心等待。同济大学是沉银浩的工作单位,沉银浩目前是同济大学足球学院的副院长。

At this point, the "Shen Yinhao Paper Incident" has entered the second stage. As the "Shen Yinhao Paper Incident" intensified, all walks of life have also begun to fully participate in discussions and attention. On the one hand, all walks of life are generally concerned about the final progress of the "Shen Yinhao Paper Incident". In terms of the final survey results of the relevant units,


   For referees, life off the court and even personal privacy are affected by the penalty on the court. This is a common phenomenon in international football. In today's highly information-intensive and unprecedentedly powerful search engine, Fu Ming, Shen Yinhao and others are destined to face the strong aftermath of the whistle when they walk from a quiet campus into the turbulent Chinese Super League arena. Therefore, what kind of impact this "thesis storm" will bring is intriguing.


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