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In the past two days, I participated in the 10th anniversary team celebration of the Kunshan amateur team Union City Club. This little-known team has no well-known professional players who have retired and has no outstanding record. It is composed of a group of Kunshan natives. Residents and new Kunshan people from all over the country. After 10 years of development, the official establishment of the team now has more than 40 people, aged from 60 to 80. There are various activities and exchanges almost every week. Because there are too many people in the team, in addition to internal competitions, many people sometimes do not get the opportunity to play (there are not so many substitutions), which leads to unhappy. The only contradiction within the amateur team. The training of their team is: everyone paddles and sails the big boat.


In China, the status quo of most amateur clubs is that the team has 20 people and 15 people have registered for the game. There were only eight or nine people on the court that day. It was either family trouble or unwell. Or the boss who loves football is rich and wealthy. The players of the team are all retired professional players from the echelon. Each game has thousands of fees. Some even have a semi-professional club system. Amateur games are killing all quarters in the local area. Everyone is scared. The team can also play in the FA Cup.


Compared with them, Kunshan Liancheng Football Club can be said to be a model among amateur grassroots football clubs. The team is united, active, and good. All this is closely related to one person's contribution, he is the captain and manager of Kunshan United City Football Club, Phineus. Fei Ge is a 70-year old brother, we all call him u70 Fei Ge. When he first came to Kunshan 20 years ago, he met some friends playing wild games. The following five are the veterans of the time. The wild players of the year played together without a team name. They were loosely organized and highly mobile. They were also young and vigorous at the time, and the team was full of conflicts.

与之相比,昆山联城足球俱乐部可以说是业余基层足球俱乐部的典范。团队团结,活跃,善良。所有这些都与一个人的贡献息息相关,他是昆山联合城市足球俱乐部Phineus的队长兼经理。费格是一个70岁的哥哥,我们都称他为费格。 20年前他第一次来到昆山时,遇到了一些玩野外亚博网站注册游戏的朋友。以下五位是当时的退伍军人。本年度的野外球员没有队名就一起比赛。他们组织松散,流动性强。当时他们还很年轻,也很朝气,团队充满了冲突。

In 2010, the 40-year-old Phine resigned from his work unit, contracted the outfield of Kunshan Stadium, and reorganized the team at the time to establish the Kunshan United City Football Club. In May 2011, Fei Ge asked me on Taobao to buy the following small golden boot trophy from Puma. I saw that the delivery address was Kunming Outer Field, and I knew he was kicking off the court. In the chat, I also learned that he is a Milan fan, and it is said that he has collected a few boxes of Milan jerseys. Two months later, I took my teammates to Kunshan to play a game and met Brother Fei.

2010年,现年40岁的菲恩(Phine)辞职,与昆山体育馆签约,并重组了当时的球队,成立了昆山联合城市足球俱乐部。 2011年5月,费格在淘宝上要求我从彪马(Puma)购买以下小金靴奖杯。我看到送货地址是昆明外场,我知道他正在场上。在聊天中,我还了解到他是米兰的粉丝,而且据说他已经收集了几箱米兰球衣。两个月后,我带队友去昆山玩游戏,认识了费兄弟。

Fei Ge’s candidness and sincerity made me very fond of him. He is very loyal to the management of the stadium. Individuals who go in and pay for football are all consciously, so he said that those who did not make money from the stadium are friends. In this way, I was also a fan of him. After that, the outside field of Kunming became my half of my home field. I often go there to play games and organize some sneaker circle gatherings in Kunshan. After several years of development, there are more and more friends in the sneaker circle. Although Fei Ge collects a lot of football equipment, he mainly focuses on jerseys and football, which is a different major from me. But this big brother's low-key and pragmatic made me deeply impressed, and his love of football is also very much like Kobe. In 2017, the 100th day of my daughter’s birth, I also invited a few friends outside the sneaker circle to participate. Naturally, Fei is the person I want to introduce to everyone. Fei Ge also racked his brains for this event. He prepared a set of jerseys printed with the event label and logo for every friend who participated in the event, making the event a lot taller in an instant.

费戈的坦率和诚恳使我非常喜欢他。他非常忠于球场的管理。参加足球比赛的人都是有意识的,因此他说那些没有从体育场赚钱的人是朋友。这样,我也是他的粉丝。之后,昆明的外地变成了我家乡的一半。我经常去那里玩游戏,并在昆山组织一些运动鞋聚会。经过几年的发展,在运动鞋界有越来越多的朋友。尽管Fei Ge收集了很多足球装备,但他主要专注于球衣和足球,这与我的专业不同。但是这位大哥的低调和务实让我印象深刻,他对足球的热爱也很像科比。在我女儿诞辰100天的2017年,我还邀请了运动鞋圈外的一些朋友参加。当然,我是Fei想要介绍给大家的人。费戈也为这次活动大展拳脚。他为每个参加活动的朋友准备了一套印有活动标签和徽标的球衣,使活动瞬间变得高很多。

In June 2017, we held a large-scale football equipment exhibition in Tianjin, and Phineus also sponsored Kunshan specialty beverages for us. Since then, Fei has often participated in our gatherings and has become the most respected and loved eldest brother in the shoe circle. Over the years, his contribution to us is obvious to all. In October last year, we once again held a football shoe meeting in Kunshan, which was well received. After the party, Fei Ge said to me that his Union City Club will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the National Day next year, and he is ready to do a big deal. I hope I can help him plan a football equipment exhibition suitable for middle-aged and elderly people (post 60-80). , Of course it is my duty.

2017年6月,我亚博app注册们在天津举办了一次大型足球装备展览会,而Phineus还为我们赞助了昆山特色饮料。从那时起,费飞经常参加我们的聚会,并成为鞋界最受尊敬和最爱的长兄。多年来,他对我们的贡献对所有人都是显而易见的。去年10月,我们再次在昆山举行了足球鞋会议,受到热烈欢迎。晚会结束后,费戈对我说,他的联合城市俱乐部将庆祝明年国庆10周年,他准备做大事。我希望我能帮助他策划一个适合中老年人的足球装备展览会(60-80后)。 ,当然是我的职责。

In fact, in recent years, Fei brother has been working hard in the amateur football circle, making Kunshan Union City Football Club prosperous. He often goes out for coaching games and often has middle-aged and elderly teams from other places come to Kunshan as guests. Therefore, in the 10th anniversary event, Fei Ge invited 7 teams and shoe tyrants from Tai'an in Shandong, Jingdezhen in Jiangxi, Nantong and Taicang in Jiangsu, Hangzhou in Zhejiang, Putuo in Shanghai and Xinjiang. However, due to the impact of the epidemic, the event has not been able to implement the venue. Finally, in early August, Fei Ge finally told me that the event will be held as scheduled, but the specifications may be reduced.


In the next few days, I saw Fei Ge keep posting blessings from all over the country in the circle of friends. It can be said that the big names are gathered and the stars are shining. Of course, there are also very close blessings. This high-spec is a bit scary. It can be seen that Fei Ge has accumulated many good characters in the circle over the years. The saying goes so much that it is not easy for an amateur team to organize such a private event.


Therefore, the specifications of the sneaker exhibition must not be lowered, and must be done decently. The brothers in the shoe circle also help the Fei Ge team's activities. Mr. Fei’s friend Mr. Huang took out his collection of adidas Champions League balls and invited 8 teams to participate. Therefore, I set the theme of this exhibition as "The Eight Giants Football Equipment Exhibition". It mainly brings some memories of youth to the old stars who come to participate in the game.


Each of the eight major clubs has collected 11 more representative stars and their use of the same style or landing shoes. The earliest sneakers used by Platini, Mateus, Rush and Koman in the 1980s. The brands displayed on sneakers cover almost all the mainstream brands that have appeared on the market. In terms of player landing, the specifications of this exhibition are also quite strong. Boss Zhang from Suzhou took out his collection of 12 pairs of Beckham landing adidas sneakers and a pair of Zidane landing Falcon 7.

八个主要俱乐部中的每个俱乐部都收集了另外11名代表球星,他们使用相同的款式或着陆鞋。 Platini,Mateus,Rush亚博app注册和Koman在1980年代使用最早的运动鞋。运动鞋上展示的品牌几乎涵盖了市场上所有主流品牌。在玩家登陆方面,本次展览的规格也相当强大。来自苏州的张老板拿出了他的十二双贝克汉姆登陆阿迪达斯运动鞋和一双齐达内登陆猎鹰7。

The celebrity player Xiaobao in Chongqing took out the very precious pair of arrogant Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi off the field, as well as the very rare off-field football boots of Ronaldinho, Rooney, Ramos and other superstars. Aofei from Beijing took out his treasure of the town house, Kaka and Gerrard's Falcon 8th generation dropped. Old Pan, a friend from Shanghai, sent his favorite worldcup football boots from 1978 and Mateus' boots from the 1980s.


The most embarrassing thing is that Pu Ge of Shenyang was escorting his sneakers to Kunshan and landed one of his bags on the high-speed rail. There was a pair of adipure3 of the same style as Diego Milito, who won the Champions League by Inter Milan in 2010. Fortunately Through 12306 contact, the bag and sneakers were successfully found, and they were delivered from Nanjing South Railway Station to Kunshan this morning. Finally, all the 100 pairs of sneakers exhibited on site were in place. After the gods returned to their thrones, the live exhibition was also completed.

最尴尬的是,沉阳的普格护送他的运动鞋到昆山,并把他的一个皮包放到了高铁上。有一对与迭戈·米利托(Diego Milito)风格相同的adipure3,后者在2010年国际米兰赢得了亚博网站注册冠军联赛。幸运的是,通过12306的接触,成功找到了皮包和运动鞋,并将它们从南京南站运到昆山。早上。最终,现场展出的所有100双运动鞋都就位了。在众神回到王位之后,现场表演也结束了。

October 2 is the opening day of the event. Fei Ge will position our shoe fighter team and the host Kunshan Liancheng for the opening match. The uniform dress of each team in the competition will be provided by Fei Ge. You must also replace the leg guards. Join hands with the caddy to enter the arena, full of ritual. It was discovered after the game that Kunshan United City Football Club also invited guests foreign aid. Shanghai football legends Sun Ji and Wu Weichao played in midfield and central defender. There are 30 substitutes below. Our shoe tyrants are naturally unable to do so. In the end, 3 to 2 was a very decent start to the host. After the game, I was notified that my car was blocking Sun Ji's car and happened to rush over to take a photo with two famous places.


Because the unit was on duty, I could not continue to participate in the activities today, but my experience in Kunshan in just two days made me feel deeply. The Chinese amateur football club should use this as a template. Although the game is important, amateur football is to promote exchanges among the people, promote football culture, and play happy and pure football, so that everyone can have a healthy hobby and keep fit. However, it is really not easy to practice "everyone paddling the big boat", because a captain who serves the team wholeheartedly like Fei Ge is too precious. Finally, I wish the 10th anniversary celebration of Kunshan United City Football Club a complete success.


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