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亚博app注册-哈顿并列领先BMW欧洲锦标赛首轮 中国双雄哑火

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Beijing time on October 9, news, the last Ryder Cup European team player Tyrell Hatton, Spanish player Adri Arnaus (Adri Arnaus) and South African Justin Harding (Justin Harding) in England The West Course of Tevos Golf Club took the lead in the first round of the European Tour flagship-BMW European Championship by one stroke, while the Chinese duo Li Haotong and Wu Ashun both "refreshed" their highest single-round shots in the 2020 European Tour. Count-82 strokes (+10) and 79 strokes (+7), had to fight to advance to the finals.

北京时间10月9日消息,最后的莱德杯欧洲队球员泰瑞尔·哈顿,西班牙球员阿德里·阿瑙斯(Adri Arnaus)和南非贾斯汀·哈丁(Justin Harding)在英格兰泰沃斯高尔夫俱乐部西球场率先一轮欧洲巡回赛旗舰宝马欧洲冠军赛,而中国二人组合李皓彤和吴阿顺都“刷新”了2020年欧洲巡回赛的单人最高杆。 Count-82杆(+10)和79杆(+7)必须战斗才能晋级决赛。

   As the third European Tour Rolex Series this year, the BMW European Championship has been exciting since the first match day. After the storm last week and the heavy rain on Thursday morning, the West Stadium played a long time, but it could accommodate many birdies. The world ranked 15th Hatton became the one who could control the overall game in the morning and captured 1 The eagle and the five birdies only swallowed one bogey, and took the lead with a 66 (-6), becoming the first player to be tied for the lead.


"I have come to watch this game since I was 5 years old," the 28-year-old England star said after the game. "I feel quite comfortable on this golf course. I have played here many times, so It’s almost like the feeling of playing at home, and I feel very familiar with it. Winning here is a goal in my career. I hope I can perform well in the next few days and give myself a chance to win." Currently, Ha Dayton has won two European Tour Rolex series victories.

这位28岁的英格兰球星在赛后说:“自5岁起,我就开始观看这场比赛。” “在这个高尔夫球场上,我感觉很舒服。我在这里打过很多次球,所以感觉就像在家里打球一样,我对此非常熟悉。在这里获胜是我职业生涯中的目标。我希望自己能有所成就在接下来的几天里保持良好状态,并给自己一个获胜的机会。”目前,哈·代顿(Ha Dayton)已赢得两次欧洲巡回劳力士系列比赛的胜利。

   Harding, ranked 126th in the world, didn't take any bogeys, shot 6 birdies and joined the ranks of the tie leaders with a record of 66. The 34-year-old South African won a Qatar Masters this year, but the Rolex Series championship is now the biggest goal of his career.


"I think the thing that makes me most happy is that there is no bogey. I played well and solidly. I controlled my small ball flight and irons very well. In fact, it lies in trying hard to hit the tee on the fairway and watch See if I can give myself some opportunities on the green. I think that every player who participates knows the status of this game and how important it is to the trend of this season. Obviously, all the big-name European Tour stars have come out. Now, any golfer wants to play the best here."


   Anos, ranked 148th in the world, also maintained a bogey-free scorecard, and got 3 birdies in his last five holes, surrendered 66, and became one of the 3 tied leaders. The 25-year-old Spanish guy won 3 runner-ups last year and is still pursuing his first European Tour title in his career.


"When your scorecard does not add any misses, this is always good news," said Anos, who competed in the BMW European Championship for the first time. "I am very and very satisfied with my performance. I am on the tee. It’s very hot. I hit the ball to the green and then took some putts. So I enjoyed this round very much. This is my first round here. It’s very, very interesting."

“如果您的记分卡没有增加任何遗漏,这始终是个好消息,”首次参加宝马欧洲锦标赛的阿诺斯说。 “我对自己的表现非常非常满意。我在发球台上。非常热。我将球打到果岭上然后推了几下推杆。所以我非常喜欢这一轮。这是我在这里的第一轮。非常非常有趣。”

2019 British Open champion Sean Lowry, England star Matthew Fitzpatrick, compatriot Eddie Pepperell and Malaysian player Gavin Green (Gavin Green) all handed over 67 (-5). ), tied for fourth place. Former world No. 1 Justin Rose and Aaron Rye, who won the Irish Open last week, both shot 68 (-4), tied for 8th place. American star Patrick Reid and another former world number one, Lee Westwood, both shot 70 (-2), ranking tied for 24th.

2019年英国公开赛冠军肖恩·洛瑞,英格兰球星马修·菲茨帕特里克,同胞埃迪·佩珀尔和马来西亚选手加文·格亚博app注册林(Gavin Green)均交出67(-5)。 ),并列第四名。前世界第一的贾斯汀·罗斯(Justin Rose)和亚伦·拉伊(Aaron Rye)上周赢得了爱尔兰公开赛,两人均以68(-4)的成绩并列第八。美国明星帕特里克·里德(Patrick Reid)和另一个前世界排名第一的李·韦斯特伍德(Lee Westwood)均以70(-2)的成绩排名并列第24。

However, it is a pity for Chinese fans that Li Haotong, ranked 123rd in the world, did not get any birdies. He swallowed 5 bogeys, 1 double bogey, and 1 triple bogey, making him the first place in the European Tour this season. With a figure of eight strokes, he ranked 118th with a score of 82. Another Chinese player Wu Ashun also had a very unsatisfactory start. He only got 1 birdie, ate 6 bogeys and 1 double bogey, and also handed over his worst score of the season-79. , Ranked 114th. On Friday, the Chinese duo must play low scores to reach the finals.

但是,对于中国球迷来说,可惜的是,世界排名第123位的李浩同没有得到小鸟球。他吞下了5个柏忌,1个双柏忌和1个三柏忌,使他成为本赛季欧洲巡回赛的第一名。他以八杆的身高,以82分的成绩排名第118位。另一位中国选手吴阿顺(Wu Ashun)的开局也很不令人满意。他只有1个小鸟,吃了6个柏忌和1个双柏忌,并且还交出了自己79赛季最差的成绩。 ,排名第114。周五,中国二人组必须打低分才能进入决赛。

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