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Regarding the German football team, the famous England star and the world’s most expensive football commentator Rheinkel has a famous saying: "A football match is a game in which the Germans win in the end." He praised the Germans forever. The spirit of not giving up. In fact, with a slight modification of this sentence, it can be used as a true portrayal of the current situation of the Bundesliga-the Bundesliga is a game of 18 clubs, and in the end Bayern won the game. Yes, although the league slipped to seventh last season and changed the coach midway, Frick, who coached independently for the first time, actually brought out a triple crown. The new season of the Bundesliga will begin on September 19th, Beijing time. Is this time Bayern won the title? If not, who can break the Bayern myth?


Bayern will be so easy?


In fact, veteran fans do not remember when Bayern lost the league title last time. The answer is the 2011-2012 season eight seasons ago. At that time Dortmund's head coach was Klopp. After that, the Bundesliga champion salad plate was monopolized by Bayern. Before last season, despite Bayern's poor performance in the Champions League, the Bundesliga team in Germany to win the German Cup is sometimes an extravagant hope. Now that Bayern is a league, cup, and Champions League triple crown team, and has maintained N games unbeaten, you can easily make people believe that Bayern is the best. In the first round of the match against Schalke 04, Bayern had to make three goals at home. This...


Some people say that Bayern's ability to recover last season is related to coach Frick's knowledge and kindness. Frick is "Loew Second". He has been an assistant coach for many years. He just lacks an opportunity to show himself. As a result, given him a fulcrum, he can pry up the earth. In fact, Frick’s success is due to a certain degree of luck. It's not that you can win the football game if you are strong. It's unreasonable that Frick's team can meet difficulties for a period of time and pass the level smoothly. In the new season, Bayern may still win the championship, but it will definitely not be stable enough to not lose a game. We must be psychologically prepared for this. Many official predictions in Germany are that Bayern have a 78% chance of winning.

有人说拜仁的上赛季恢复能力与弗里克教练的知识和善良有关。弗里克是“第二名”。他已经担任了多年助理教练。他只是没有机会展示自己。结果,只要给他一个支点,他就可以撬起地球。实际上,弗里克(Frick)的成功归功于一定的运气。如果你强壮,那不是可以赢得足球比赛。 Frick的团队在一段时间内遇到困难并顺利通过测试是不合理的。在新赛季,拜仁仍然可以赢得冠军,但绝对不会失去比赛的稳定性。我们必须为此做好亚博app注册心理准备。德国的许多官方预测是,拜仁有78%的获胜机会。

Another point is that Bayern's overall strength has declined. The first is that the core midfielder Thiago joined Liverpool, the main winger Perisic returned to Inter Milan, and the main substitute forward Coutinho also returned to Barcelona. They are not there, Bayern did not have substantial signings, only signed Sane from Manchester City, who has been stunned, which is a major shortcoming of the team. Now there is still bad news, that is, the team's Champions League champion Comang is also in isolation because of close contact with the new crown patients. The absolute main player in the team, Alaba, was making a lot of trouble with the club because of the contract extension issue. His father actually publicly accused General Manager Hernes: "He is lying!"


What can Haaland do?


Except for Bayern, you look at the Bundesliga who can really challenge them only Dortmund. When both Leipzig RB and Leverkusen sold their core Werner and Haverts to Chelsea, they once again confirmed that the only club that can hoard stars in the Bundesliga is Bayern. Although Red Bull Beverage and Bayer Pharmaceuticals are not bad money, their bosses feel that they have to meet the budget together. The new crown epidemic has impacted the world economy. As a football club that basically relies on spending money, "the landlord has no surplus!" Among them, we have to mention Dortmund. Despite the loss of Ashraf, they also introduced The super full-back Menier, which means that they have kept their original team from last season (the goal of leaving the team freely was abandoned because it was completely useless.). Although Sancho was photographed by many clubs, he is still a member of Dortmund. This season Dortmund also introduced the 17-year-old genius Bellingham from Birmingham. In the case of Bayern’s “blood loss but not replenishment”, do they have the capital to challenge Bayern? The ability of the old coach Falf has been recognized by the outside world in his previous coaching, but the question now is whether he can withstand it at the critical moment? The contract between Falf and Dortmund is only one year old, but the two parties have not renewed the contract. Is this an obstacle to their challenge to Bayern? Dortmund's famous and former captain Kyle said: "Of course we believe in the team. Coach Favre has expressed his desire to win the German Cup."

除了拜仁,您还可以看看德甲,他们只能真正挑战多特蒙德。当莱比锡RB和勒沃库森将他们的核心维尔纳和哈弗特斯卖给切尔西时,他们再次确认拜仁是唯一可以在德甲ho星的俱乐部。尽管Red Bull饮料和Bayer Pharmaceuticals并不是差钱,但他们的老板感到他们必须共同满足预算。新的王冠流行已经影响了世界经济。作为一个主要依靠花钱的足球俱乐部,“房东没有剩余!”其中,我们不得不提到多特蒙德。尽管失去了阿什拉夫(Ashraf),他们还引进了超级后卫梅尼尔(Menier),这意味着他们从上个赛季开始一直保留原来的球队(自由离开球队的目标被放弃了,因为那完全没用。)尽管桑乔被许多俱乐部拍到照片,但他仍然是多特蒙德的一员。这个赛季,多特蒙德还引进了来自伯明翰的17岁的天才贝林汉姆。就拜仁的“失血却没有补给”而言,他们有资本挑战拜仁吗?老教练法尔夫的能力在之前的教练中已经得到外界的认可,但是现在的问题是他在关键时刻是否能够承受? Falf和多特蒙德之间的合同只有一年,但两方尚未续签该合同。这是他们挑战拜仁的障碍吗?多特蒙德著名的前队长凯尔说:“我们当然相信球队。法夫尔教练已经表达了他希望赢得德国杯的渴望。”

In the key battle after the rematch of last season, Dortmund faced Bayern at home, but lost 0 to 1. As a result, the season ended with 13 points less than Bayern and won the runner-up. If that game can be won, the Bundesliga will be different. Here, we have to mention that Harland, who scored almost one goal per game, said that he was the king of world football after the "Mero Era". Now leading Dortmund to break Bayern's monopoly will be his vote for becoming the world's top star.


Before the start of the new season, the German media predicted the championship of the new season. As a result, 15 coaches believed that Bayern would continue to win the championship, and only one coach believed that the championship belonged to Dortmund. Only two coaches chose to avoid this problem, including Dortmund coach Falf. In the first round against Borussia, Falff said: "We will continue to do our best to achieve good results starting from paying attention to every game."


Bundesliga first round against-


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Bayern Munich-Schalke 04


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Berlin Union-Augsburg


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2020.09.19 21:30

Bremen-Hertha Berlin


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