How to Decorate in Indonesian Style

A country compiled of over 17,000 Islands in the Indian ocean, Indonesia, has a culture rich in traditions and history. Many decorative elements found in Indonesia have a colonial-style flair mixed with elements inspired by nature.

Indonesian-style an exotic look can add to a house, as it includes warm, neutral colours with splashes of color reminiscent of the Land of flowers. The decoration is in an Indonesian style feasible, in each budget, so that you can achieve an Indonesian look for your home with a little creativity.

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A Former Director for Valentino Reveals Her Insider Secrets for Decorating a Room

With echoes of her years in fashion, designer Christina Rottman, a Santa Barbara highlights touched home with luxe accents and fashion, without ever losing the relaxed feeling of California ease.

Keeps:it’s hard to believe, we are in Italy

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Too hot to sleep? Here’s how to stay cool in bed

Sultry summer nights are ruining your sleep? Check out these simple tricks and miracle products to banish that heat wave out of the bedroom

All year long most of us dream of a hot summer, but if the weather is suddenly freakishly warm, it can make havoc with our sleep. While most of us enjoy the sunshine during the day, the long hot nights are remarkable for the absence of shut-eye. After a few hours of tossing and turning, we all want to know one thing – what can we do, if it is too hot to sleep?

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Dream Home Design – by Pete Bossley

Getting a delightful looking dream home may be the ultimate luxury one can aspire for. A dream home in a wonderfully exotic place can be the perfect holiday retreat for you. Here you can come with your family and friends for an exclusive fun time to enjoy perfectly relaxing times, away from the competitive and difficult outside world where personal and professional lives are threatened with day-to-day stress and strain.

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Luxury Beach House Design

What make a house luxury house? All over world there are a variety of luxury houses. Not all have the same features. Some houses may not be all that big but still will be called luxurious and spacious. Some will be really large size kind of situated in an acre of space or more. Likewise luxury homes come in all shapes and sizes and with different features making each of them unique and distinct. Some luxury homes just cost about $200,000 and called a luxury home and some may cost about $10,000,000 and be called luxurious.

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Tocha’s Celebrity Dream Home Design

Tocha, a designer firm, is known for its one-of-a-kind dream house design. It builds modern living homes and buildings. This house shown below is a celebrity home and has all the lavish features a celebrity would like to pamper themselves with. There are outdoor as well as indoor kitchens. There is also a outdoor cinema with a huge screen with greenery all around. It has full hi-tech features with mostly everything controlled by remote controls.

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Modern Luxurious House Interior In Melbourne

A modern luxurious house located in the heart of Melbourne, Australia, is the creation of multiple architects. Leeton Pointon and Susi Leeton who work for the same designer firm, both have contributed in the interiors of this house. Situate along the Yarra River the surrounding of this house is perfect in all sense. The peacefulness that the surrounding creates adds to the peaceful interior design of the house. The use of simple pale colors create a friendly and quiet interior. Some wall paintings which are hung in various part of the house add the freshness and attitude.

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Modern Simple and Calm Beach House

You would not find a beach house fuller of light and air than this house designed by Frederick Stelle. It has the most simple interiors and exteriors and it is an ideal beach house. Located in the east end of long island it is one of the prefect retreats of New York. It is right in between the Atlantic bay and hence it’s awesome view on all the sides. Lots of outdoor beautifully designed open spaces are present all around which make a great place to relax with a cup of coffee during sunny days.

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